Unity is strength

The Boris Folli agency is the culmination of a decade of experience in architecture and project management in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Expertise and mastery

The team is made up of passionate people about their activity with real experience in construction. Project manager, architecture graduates, engineer, specialized draftsmen, construction company manager, administrative manager; varied experiences and training that offer complete expertise on the realization of your project. From the first idea to the last touches through the administrative declarations, each member of the team will bring his stone to the building to give birth to your project.

By putting at your service its experience on architecture as well as on the project management of its entire team, the Boris Folli agency advises you to ensure the smooth running of the stages of construction in compliance with the rules while best meeting your needs. This fusion of skills controls each phase of your project's evolution to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

Architecture and project management

Firstly, the team is made up of creative architects to imagine a traditional and modern design. Their knowledge of the legal requirements in local construction allows us to propose achievable projects according to your expectations. Inside and outside nothing is left to chance. The Boris Folli agency makes your projects unique by the choice of materials and details from the layout to the interior design.

Secondly, the team is composed of experts in work management to impose rigor and ensure the smooth running of the construction. In close collaboration with partners who share the values of the Boris Foli agency, our works supervisors negotiate for you the best prices and ensure good management of the construction stages. Engineer, surveyor, building experts, carpenter, plumber, tiler, pool specialist. Each partnership has been carefully studied to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Tropezian architecture market and covers all trades.

Passion and involvement

Our achievements are the result of our involvement motivated by our passion to build and our team cohesion.

The Boris Folli agency is committed to meeting your requirements and pays particular attention to each project. From the drawing to the final delivery, our team lives your project at your side. They imagine it, shape it, offer it the means to sublimate and exist. They create this space dreamed and imagined for you.

Construction: from the Latin construere
"to arrange in good order, to pile up in layers".

A construction is the culmination of all the work of many. It is by intervening together, that each in turn, we make evolve and exist this unique project that is yours.

Boris Folli